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Sabayil Aadum Eesan!

May 25, 2011

The primeval sound reverberated simultaneously across all the realms of the cosmos! The rumble also resonated with clarity above Mount Kailash, beckoning the onset of the inevitable. He, the immortal yogi neither felt joy nor sadness at the thought of what he had to do.

The ancient cosmic laws of “Shrishti”, “Sthiti” and “Samhara”; the sanatana dharma had to be upheld!

As he stood at the spot in space which he had deemed to be the sacred ground for the next revival, his face glowed red and he presented a picture of supreme detachment. All his eyes were closed in rapt attention to the music of the damaru held in his right hand, which started taking deeper frenzied tones. His overpowering presence was bigger than the entire universe with all its luminous galaxies, yet at the same time, he was omnipresent within every single subatomic particle; and it was time for him to start dredging the primordial soup from within and unleash his fury upon the weary universe, which was ready for annihilation.

What remained hidden in plain sight for billions of years, held the keys to regeneration!

With an indescribable radiance and blinding speed, he started dancing, his rudra-tandavam, thus upsetting the cosmic balance by increasing the inherent entropy contained within. In his mood of his, he was energy manifested in the form of matter; intelligence manifested in the form of energy; and ultimately Brahman manifested in the form of intelligence.

With every defiant step that he took, he crushed the roots of ignorance with impunity and watched the fearless souls take flight! And with every mudra his hands made, he attracted more and more of the cosmic conscience that upheld the physical state of the universe!

His long matted hair crashed into heavenly bodies, crushing them into a million pieces and the raging Agni contained within his left palm burned down ordinary matter. The indiscernible matter in the all pervasive abysm that existed throughout the universe, started imploding into bright flames and the ethereal laws which governed the heavenly bodies until then, started breaking down.

The accelerating universe became a thing of the past and grinded to a dead halt!

He continued dancing in this fevered state and started sucking anything and everything which became a part of him, funneled in through the divine snake around his waist! With every passing second, his mass began to increase and eventually, his girth reached a critical dense state.

And when that happened, he abruptly stopped dancing and stood as still as a statue and after the briefest nanosecond, everything in the universe started gravitating towards him!

His work was done for the time being!   

The spectrum of colors on his visage gradually shifted from raging red to serene blue as he had set into motion, the destruction of the world; a new beginning.

Singularity would be achieved soon, at the sacred spot where he stood! He just had to keep waiting for all the pieces to fall into place and awaken his dear friend!

PS: Inspired after reading about Lord Nataraja, I have here, tried to couple our mythological concept of a cyclic universe and science (mainly the theoretical concept of “The Big Crunch”) in this post. Care to find those references?

There are also references to this cult classic Tamil song in this post!

PPS: The title of the post means “The lord who dances on the dais/hall”.

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  1. May 25, 2011 8:06 am

    Super-like….I was like literally going thru the whole scene in my mind….loved it. Even saw traces of Sivaji Ganesan while I visualised this rudra thandavam. 🙂 Beautifully written, as always…. 🙂

  2. May 25, 2011 3:02 pm

    Yes sir, I did care to find the references, and they made for a great read. Just like this post!
    As always, take a bow, EOG!

    The “painting a picture” using words is reaching enviable heights. Excuse the writer-by-profession as she takes her green face elsewhere for a while :mrgreen:

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