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Wrath of the Gods!

April 5, 2011

It was a clandestine meeting of all the heavy weights, the high council! The Gods knew that the only way to keep their meeting secret was to have it in the open, right in Swarga Lokham! The wily Gods Vishnu and Shiva had spies everywhere.

High above in the clouds, the God, the God of all devas, Indra sat on his diamond studded throne; the radiance of which brightened all of Swarga Lokham. All around him were the other important Rig Vedic deities and the atmosphere was tense.

He was in a pensive mood; as he sat there, deep in thought with a bowl of Soma in his right hand. His other hand held his Vajrayudham as his fingers kept playing with it. His massive shoulders were hunched, a sign of weariness and one could almost sense that something was about to give. His patience had reached the tether.

We have to do something now. We have waited for so long but those ungrateful mortals don’t seem to realize it.”

Just send them my way,” growled Yama with a deep voice. As son of Lord Surya and lord of the underworld, Narakam, he was a feared deity, who was known for his temperamental outbursts. Built like an Asuran with an impressive mustache, he sat there on his giant ox, with his giant hands on his thighs looking on expectantly.

Easy there son; it is time for us to show some restraint,” said Lord Surya. Tall, handsome, and of noble lineage, the Sun God had taken time off his busy schedule to be with them that day.

As he sat there in his divine chariot, which glowed red, he added, “The mortals need time to realize our service to humanity. The world is changing rapidly and they will all soon fall in line. What do you say Lord Agni?”

The mysterious Lord Agni sat there on his throne, cloaked in many layers of divine flames. Very few Gods had the privilege to look at him directly. He said, “Very few people are actually praying to me now and my powers have started to wane. As the mortals know, our prithvi is starting to heat up. I just hope that they realize it soon enough before the changes are irreversible!

And I am unable to control the life giving water currents“, Lord Varuna lamented loudly. “Their plastic is choking the oceans up and with my limited powers now, I am unable to maintain the sacred equilibrium. The typhoons and the hurricanes are getting out of my hands. And Lord Vayu is not helping either! After all, his sons were the ones who added to the cult of…..

He just could not bring himself to say the name but everyone there knew!

So it is my fault now?” Lord Vayu asked in amazement as he floated gently above the high council. “Hanuman and Bheema did what they had too. They wrote their own destiny. You of all the Gods should know that. After all, you were the one who gave the Gandiva to Arjuna which helped him win the war and we all know whose son he was!”

And he looked daggers at Lord Indra. And they soon started bickering with one another! They all had something to say and as the decibel levels increased gradually, Lord Indra sat there with his head buried in his hands!

“Silence……….,” Lord Indra’s voice boomed after a while and a resounding thunder could be heard all over the three worlds.

He then started thinking about the “Golden Age”; a time when he was revered and feared.

Aaha, those good old days,” he said loudly.

And his thoughts went back to the days around 4000 BC, when he helped his people to settle in the fertile plains of Asia and Europe by conquering the tribes there. The people prayed to him regularly then; and he had helped codify the scriptures, including the Rig Veda and the Zend Avesta; two of the most archaic of all manuscripts known to man. He was also their God of war, until a son of Shiva had stolen that title away from him as well.

Damn, life was good then; I was their most beloved God,” he said angrily to Sachi, who sat with him on the throne.

She smiled with sympathy. She had heard it so many times in the last 2500 years.

And he continued, “Earlier, they used to make offering to us; of horse and cattle. But thanks to Siddhartha around 500 BC, they stopped doing that!”

The Asvini twins meekly added, “And we were worshipped around the globe, all under different names until the Abrahamic religions took over!” and they all agreed.

And the grand old God; the wise Brihaspati, the progenitor of mankind with his silver white hair and a long flowing beard said, “Our last stand was the subcontinent and Hinduism, where we lived and fed on the prayers of mankind there, but for the last thousand years, they have neglected us! Shiva and Vishnu have become stronger as their cult has increased manifold.”

Mitra, the patron deity of meetings, who presided over this covert council ensuring its secrecy said, “The people have forgotten about me. The few who still follow traditions don’t even realize that they are praying to me. And on top of all this, Brahma is just not bothered. The very fabric of our existence is under question now!

With that, Indra stood up, signifying that the meeting was over.

Flaying his hands open, he said, “Gods, It is time we did something drastic! Let us not reflect on the past but think about the future!” The Vajrayudham flickered angrily in his hand, reflecting his mood as electric current surged through its body.

And not one of the other Gods knew what that meant. They all nodded their head in apprehension and filed out of the hall silently.

They all could sense fear; and it was engulfing their sacred world. Mankind needed them; just as much as they needed mankind for their survival! The balance, the entropy had to be maintained somehow……….

PS: This post was written because:

  1. We, humans are changing the world. We need to act soon before it is too late. Maybe, pagan worship is the answer.
  2. I have always had a fascination with history/mythology and with the general evolution of everything in the world, including faith. The Hinduism we see today bears little resemblance to the religion that existed 4000 years back. The main Gods of that era, the Rig Vedic deities, who dominated the world scene then, are paid scant respect today, even in Hinduism and now the cults of Shiva and Vishnu dominate the stage. They sure must be an angry lot now. 🙂

PPS: No disrespect meant to the Gods, and more importantly, no disrespect meant to the finicky legion of followers who tend to take umbrage very easily.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. April 5, 2011 5:17 am

    That’s a totally different perspective on how we are destroying the eco system 🙂 Love the narrative…
    OG: danku!
    Humans dont wake up until it is too late 😐
    OG: and yes, we need to do our parts as well!

  2. April 5, 2011 9:39 am

    Me like this one….of course u are right, it was a diff scenario 4000 yrs back.
    OG: yeah!
    The evolution that happened among humans and their thinking over these many years, have changed a lot of perspectives…..the Gods too fall in that category.

    Total research on the Gods of that time – like it. 🙂
    OG: danku danku!
    And yes, we as mankind need to wake up to the changing environment and make it much better.

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