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January 21, 2011

They are like automatons; going about in set, specific patterns,” the man thought to himself with a smile.

Security cams outside and guards inside; it is going to be fun!”

The man dressed in black overalls like a ninja, stood still in the thick foliage that surrounded the imposing concrete structure. Tall, thin with an athletic frame, he stood behind a massive tree, scouting the building with his binoculars for any unusual activity; for something that he was not prepared for; but it all looked ok.

Exactly like he had planned!

He had been planning this for a month now and he had studied the blueprint of the building and the roving pattern of the security guards and their cameras; which he had received from his friend, who was an insider in the company.

He looked at his watch; 30 seconds to make his move. He really had worked it out to the finest detail, to the second!

And soon, the clock struck 1 AM and he knew that he had 30 seconds to get into the building; so he tossed aside his binoculars and then ran as fast as he could towards the fence.


He reached the fence and took out a mean looking cutter and cut his way through the fence.


Once he had made a big enough hole, he pried it open and shot though the fence towards the building. He was a state champion in the 100 meters dash and he put that to good effect. His rubber boots made little noise as he flew across the turf.


His heart was racing and he then reached the door and it then took him a couple of seconds to open it as he was expert lock-breaker and he was in, just in time as the camera focused upon the door now!


The security guard monitoring the camera did not notice any amiss as he looked at the door and then the camera moved on.

Stealth was the keyword……….and he moved with caution.

He tiptoed to a corner; and saw that the coast was clear except for a single guard; in the hall that connected the exit to the Main Control tower. Out of his innumerous pockets; he took out a tiny bottle and a kerchief.


The guard did not realize that there was an intruder until he was seized from behind in a strong neck lock. As he tried to shout, a hand clamped over his mouth, with a kerchief laced with chloroform and then, as he was launched backwards into space, he saw darkness……..

The man quickly opened the door to the Main Control Tower and dragged the now unconscious guard into one the rooms.

And then, he moved every so slowly, watching; gauging his location as he made his way to the record keeping room. It was all in the blueprint that he had memorized.


Two more turns in the long concrete maze and he was within sight of the door. He walked confidently towards the door, when suddenly another guard materialized from the other corner.

They both caught each other by surprise!

His instincts kicked in automatically and he let loose, a withering right hook; expecting to catch the guard squarely on his jaw bone. But the guard easily ducked under the blow, thus causing the man to overstep; a mistake for which he paid dearly because the guard, then crashed his right fist into the man’s ribs which made him recoil in pain.

It took him a couple of seconds to regroup, only to see the guard crouch in a familiar Karate pose.

Well, did not expect to actually find trained guards in here,” he said loudly and launched himself back at the guard.

It was Karate versus Kalaripayattu. The guard was good; very good actually! It was a battle between the calm composed, Spartan movements of the guard versus the almost poetic attack from the man.

Finally, the guard made a mistake and the man saw an opening and went in for the kill. “Marmam”: which was only a theoretical concept for many; was a practical efficient weapon for the man! The man punched a certain point on the guard’s chest with ease and the guard fell over; paralyzed, writhing in pain!

“Time to get the job done,” the man thought and rushed into the records room………….

By the time, the unconscious guards were found and the alarm raised, there was no sight of the intruder. The man had simply vanished into thin air! They were all puzzled because there was nothing valuable which was missing in the factory!

They just could not figure it out!


Next day, the breaking headlines on all the news channels and papers was the news that the State government had finally moved against the Aziko Company, which manufactured various chemicals, and had decided to shutdown the factory, until further notice from the Environmental Ministry. The year long protest by the people of Pandalam had finally paid off; a protest to protect their village from the ravages of industrial contamination.

At the local thattu-kada; there was a spirit of jubilation in the air. All the people were busy discussing it; and about how, the people had won a victory to protect what was sacred for them.

But in a corner, there sat a man along with a friend. They watched on as the people went on and on about the historic decision!

 “Aliya; did you have to do it this way? Is this not treachery?” asked the friend quietly as they sat there, drinking a kattan chaya.

Machu,” the man replied, “When democracy fails to work for you; then you make diplomacy work instead!”

Aliya; so you call this diplomacy? Eh? ” asked his friend.

With a winning grin, the man replied, “Well, it is called ‘Reaching a diplomatic solution’ when you have the upper hand; and it is called ‘A fight against tyranny’, if you don’t!

What exactly did you steal from the factory?” the friend asked, once again.

Nothing much; just records of how much bribe, Aziko has paid to various government officials! And late last night, I put in an anonymous call to a certain government official” he replied!

I suppose the ends justify the means.”

And they continued to have their kattan chaya in peace…………..

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  1. January 21, 2011 6:16 pm

    As usual….Ezhuthukaran OG, please take a bow!!! 🙂 Brilliant!

  2. January 28, 2011 6:15 am

    U know, my daughter liked this story….she said a big WOW !!! 🙂 There is ur credit…u’ve distracted a Twilight fan to ur blog page…..Bravo. 🙂

    As usual, splendidly written. 🙂 🙂

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