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Exponents of Manglish

July 14, 2010

“Blistering Barnacles”!!!!!!!!!!!!

The cry has a probability of “0.00000000000000001” of being used by a normal Malayalee. But Mr. Suresh Gopi, has this quirky habit of using “wonly” using such terms in his films.

We malayalis have this “wanderful” relation with this language. We either mock it completely, which is great fun or we think that bombastic use of it in punch dialogues, will win a few claps from the general public.

Probably, the greatest dialog of them all is from one of the eternal comic classics of Malayalam Cinema: “Mazha Peyunnu Maddalam Kotunnu”. A person cannot be classified as a Malayalee if he/she has not seen this film.

Another classic from the same film is:

Another one which was very famous in our group was the dialogue “We are doing a car” from this film, “Aram + Aram = Kinnaram” (my blog incidentally takes its name from this film).

Jagathy’s classic one liner from this film “Killukam” is something which I suppose; most mallu gentlemaans have repeated when they see a girl.

Suraj’s soulful rendition of this famous song is another personal favorite of mine:

One of the finest actors in our country, Mr. Mukesh’s “technique of watering of plants” is another classic:

Another drama clip, which has literally made waves across the state:

The above examples where the ones in which the language was mocked. Now, let us see a few serious ones.

Most mallu actors at some point or the other in their career thought that it was wise to include English in their punch dialog. The more pronounced the Mallu accent; the more punch effect, the dialog is going to have.

The eternal vigilante, Mr. Suresh Gopi, makes use of it even now. There is not a film of his without his usual trademark English. I personally think that he is under the delusion that English is his mother tongue.

Mr. Mammooty, passed through that phase many years back when, I believe, he was under the impression that he was actually acting in English films.

I have only one word for Mr. Jayan’s powerful dialog in this very old film: “Respect”.

And thus, we Mallus learn more about the intricacies of this language from our “pious and loyal” stars.

There are so many more examples; I could just go on and on and on…………

PS: Just two days back, I saw a film called “The King”; a film which I had sworn never to see in my life. But since I was jobless, I went ahead and saw it. This post is inspired by it.

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  1. July 14, 2010 5:00 am


    Ah….haven’t lost the touch

    here’s the dance –

    OG: yeah, u are!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. July 14, 2010 6:00 am

    Look at you !!! Posting so much, after you took a blog break. But gud for us – more reason to smile and be happy. 🙂
    OG: I know 😛 and I dont know why 😛
    Even though couldn’t follow certain words or lines, enjoyed one or two videos !!! 🙂
    OG: thanks for watching 😛
    I think that every regional movie has its share of making fun of the local lang !!! Sometimes, unknowingly, thinking they are the best !!! 😉
    OG: And thankfully, I have the advantage of watching mosts films in tam,mallu and hindi 😛

  3. July 14, 2010 12:11 pm

    Was this post meant solely for Mallu audience?! I wish I knew the language…
    OG: 😛 nope, meant for the general public 😛

  4. July 14, 2010 1:02 pm

    Ha ha .. Mukesh’s plant watering patented flirting technique is the best !
    OG: the man is a legend ::P

  5. July 14, 2010 5:01 pm

    I don’t understand malayalam! It’s like south indian version of chinese to my ears!
    OG: hahah 😛
    Although I know cheta and chaichi! 😛
    OG: wokay chechi 😛

  6. July 14, 2010 8:06 pm

    Blistering Barnacles… I remember this from Tintin, and has been an often used exclamation! The other one is “Oh Good Grief!” from Peanuts 😀

    The cry has a probability of “0.00000000000000001” of being used by a normal Malayalee

    WHAT?! Are u calling me an abnormal mallu? :mrgreen:
    OG: you are abnormal….. simple……………………
    A person cannot be classified as a Malayalee if he/she has not seen this film.
    Who died and made u king to decide???? 👿 Even people who have seen this in their childhood, and have faint memories of this film qualify….
    Degenerating Decencies! 😆
    OG: it is a fact!!!!!!!! you better like it!!!
    @ 2nd clip: Dharalam Cement!!!! I think I died….

    @ 3rd clip: Now THIS is zimbly wanderful!!! Firstly, mohanlal under a cycle to fix it had me choking… and the “we are doing a car!” totally sealed my fate! Am partial to “ivan joli ariyatha oru jolikaran” That is the story of every proletartiat…god only knows how we are still getting paid! 😛
    OG: hahahahaha!
    @ 4th clip: That solves the mystery of my mallu colleague calling me “Madaam”. 😛
    Btw, there’s a story he has… when there was a surprise fire drill done at his previous agency…they were rushed into the grounds below the bldg…and there, they were shown the use of the fire extinguisher… and when the smokiness of the extinguisher spread in their faces, someone from the crowd of employees yelled out.. “Welcome to Ooty!” 😆
    OG: kollam 😛
    @ 5th clip: ROFL!!!!! His “english” version of the directions! VERY impressive

    @ 6th clip: Mukesh has always been a classic! 😛

    @ 7th clip: Haahha! I have seen that before! It became a rage, didn’t it?
    OG: yup!!
    I personally think that he is under the delusion that English is his mother tongue.
    Hahahahah! Classic!!! 😛 and I speak adipoli malayalam as if it were my mother tongue! 😛

    I did NOT seeing all clips, u pest! How many are these? You think all are jobless like you? *yet crafty types out a long comment like there’s no tomorrow*

    This one is heavily for the mallu audiences, but it was classic! I loved BEGARRZZZZZZZ!!!!
    Non-mallus are adviced to go ahead and watch it! 😀

    Considering you are on a “break”… it’s only fitting to receive a *cough* concise *cough* comment from another one who’s on a break….
    OG: podi podi!!!!!!!!!

  7. July 15, 2010 7:14 pm

    hahahah!kalipp collection!!!
    OG: hah thanks aliya…..

    btw, enthu kondaanu king kaanilla ennu drida prathinja eduthathu?
    OG: kuuthara “hash-buush-nut-bolt” english karanam 😛

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