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PAX INDIKA!!! (Indian Peace)

October 14, 2008

Is it so hard to achieve?
India came into existence only in 1947.
For me, India as I know is just a mere 61 years old. The culture that we have inherited is also just 61 years old. People are always harping on the fact that we are one of the oldest civilizations, people always talk about India being a great spiritual bank, but at the end of the day, when I look around, I see nothing of it!!
We are neither, acting like a civilized country nor are we heavily spiritual.
Yes, we are deeply religious but we are also bordering on the brink of instability!!

Yesterday, I read in the paper that a woman committed voluntary Sati at her husband’s funeral in Raipur. I am not commenting on that issue, her mental condition etc, but one thing which I can readily condone is that, soon after she committed sati, many people starting praying at the site and the police had to use force to remove the people. We are really misguided and superstitious in our thoughts.
As years come and go, as one generation replaces another, the world learns. That is why I like History so much. One can always learn from experience. But what do we see in India today.
For the people who always harp on (age old) culture and traditions, I have a couple of questions.
“Is the India we see today, the culmination of 4000 years of civilization?” I most certainly don’t think so.
“Do Indians act like we have a civilization that is 4000 years old?” I most certainly don’t think so.
On the other hand, we most certainly are acting like we have a civilization that is exactly 61 years old.

The great sages and gurus of the past would have a heart attack if they see “The Republic of India” (or Bharat) today.
Today, if Islamic Terror groups are banned in India, so should the Hindu ones be. The VHP, the Bajrang Dal and countless others are all equally responsible for terrorism in this country.
Yes, I also condemn conversion if it is done forcefully, if not, I see no reason why the Bajrang Dal should have a problem.

What started off as 4 fluid flexible castes has now become thousands of rigid ones and why exactly has conversion become such a big issue now. I don’t know.
We Hindus too are converts from Pagan worship. Yeah it is not recorded but is most certainly true. Hinduism too, is pagan in a way.

We are all making visible and invisible boundaries around us, whether it be religion or sect, state or even Nationality.
All this ultimately leads to a single question in my mind.
“We are all fighting for land, money, property, belief and a hundred different things but Has Peace become so hard to fight for?”
How did Peace become the victim when all religions preach it?
How can I achieve my “PAX INDIKA”!!!

Many people are still waiting for the Kalki Avatar to come and vanquish all evil. But the truth is that we all have the Kalki Avatar within us.
We just have to do what is right!!!
May not be simple but yes, most certainly worth striving for.

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