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September 16, 2008

I had a discussion with a Caucasian Christian yesterday on a blog regarding religion, and only yesterday, I realized that I don’t know anything about Hinduism or its history. On the other hand, she had certain set views of Christianity and or Hinduism. When I asked her if she tailors Christianity and follows what suits her, she said no stating (in her words):
“That sort of destroys the whole point of God having a separate standard outside of us, which we cannot measure up to”.

Another important point that she brought up was that, while a Hindu might believe that all religions lead to God, a Judeo-Christian religion does not believe in that.
After some more discussion, I finally decided to call it quits coz, basically I knew nothing about Hinduism or Christianity to comment (or enlighten her LOL) on the topic.

Coming to think of it now, though I don’t agree with most of the principles of Hinduism, I would consider myself to be a Hindu. I don’t know anything about Christianity or Islam or Buddhism or Jainism or Sikhism; I would still consider myself to be a Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Jain and a Sikh respectively.

It is how I perceive religion and how important it is to me which eventually matters. No one, not my parents, the community, the temple, the church, the mosque or a gurudwara can interfere with that!
The way I see it is:

“I don’t care if Krishna or Jesus existed, but yes their teaching do matter to me” and this same argument goes for all the other religions. Pick the best of all and suit them to meet your needs.

There was this song, the title track in the film “Anbe Sivam” which actually makes a lot of sense to me. Two lines in the songs are:

“For a believer in God, God is love;
For a good atheist, love is God”.

Probably that is all that matters in the end. We in India celebrate and take part in most of the religious festivals and have read at some point or the other, the teaching of all religions.
So maybe, I can start calling myself an INDIANIST who believes in INDIANISM.
It is quite unfortunate that religion has become a big issue in India and yes people all over are forgetting the teaching of their religion.

Signing off with nothing more to add as basically Hinduism is my culture, not my religion!!!!


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