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8000 miles from Graceland!!

September 1, 2008

I am now exactly 8953.51 miles from graceland. I unfortunately have to wait 2 more weeks to travel those 8953.51miles. The urge to know and feel my country has never been stronger. The urge to know the real India has never been been an overpowering thought to me till now.
It is only in the past year that i feel that i need to travel the length and breadth of this country. Mind you, this is not to visit the tourist spot or just for site seeing but actually to learn as to how my country functions.
Since the election is near now in the US, you see Barack Obama and McCaine always talking about the “American Dream”. Which actually makes me wonder if we have an “Indian Dream”.We actually led the world’s GDP from the first century AD to around 1750 AD where, on an average, we contributed 25 percent of the worlds GDP.
People always say that we need to learn from our mistakes, so that we dont make the same in the future, but now, I find that we are still making the same mistakes.We are still divided (and united), based on Religion, Culture, Language and Looks. I personally feel that it is
great that India is so diverse but now it seems to be more a bane!
I am not an economist but the first thing that we need to do is to give “Dignity to life” to to the manual labourers. I dont know as to how that can be done but I believe this is important. Then maybe, even the common man will start believing in the “Indian Dream” which i believe is a feeling so important to foster.
I do not know about the future but I can say one thing. I am going to travel the whole of India to learn about my country. A country that is a riddle, an enigma, a sleeping giant.

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