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Different shades of Black

August 22, 2008

I was watching a “tyra banks” show on TV yesterday and only then did i realize that there were racial differences among the “African Americans” based on Skin color. This was actually new to me.
I have just now learnt that this community too (reminds me of sweet old India), is broken up to a certain extent based on skin color.I heard terms like “Lightcolor “, “dark color”, “chocolate color”, “Cinnamon color” being thrown around and there was a lot of dissentment among the people and yes, i did learn a lot!
After all the efforts of “Martin Luther King Jr”, i felt so angered when I heard people talk like that. Only now have i come to realize that this is not only a problem in India. It is a problem all over the world (even in Shining America).
In certain aspects, this trip has been really enlightening for me personally coz i got to understand that no society is perfect. At the end of the day, all of us are just mere mortals and essentially we are all the same.
The Independence Day back in India just got over and at times I feel that the war is not over. The battle against tyranny, discrimination, poverty (even here in the US), sickness is not over. Completing a task means facing another one.
Conpared to these big tasks, the differences among us in terms of Skin Color, behavior and character all just simply pale in comparison.
Maybe atleast in the Future, the “African Americans” and the “Euro Americans” can live without dissing one another.

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