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CET: The glorious days

May 6, 2008

Last week was just simply brilliant. Took a week’s vacation and visited Cochin and Bangalore and met up with old college friends. Unfortunately now my vacation is over and now I am back in office and in front of my stupid old computer. But even now, I just cannot work. I just keep wondering about the good old college days and the superb times that we have had.

Today again is a typical day full of telecons and client mails but I just cannot get myself to work. This nostalgic feeling is heightened by the song that I am listened to now which is “Mustafa Mustafa” from the film “Kadhal Desam”. It has been a good 3 years since my engineering but it is still sharp in my memory. Right from the first day I got ragged to the final blast on the final day of college, it is all coming back to me.

I did my (Royal) mechanical engineering from The College of Engineering, Trivandrum otherwise known as CET and it had all the ingredients for being one of best colleges in India. Nope, please don’t mistake me; I am not talking about academics here. It was where we all entered as meek, little boys and came out as confident men.
Thinking back, I absolutely did nothing much over there. My academics were really poor; I never brought any trophies to the college thus ensuring my name etched on the roll of honor. If I go over to the college right now, there would not be even a single person or professor who would recognize me, but still it holds a special place in my heart.
CET, to me personally was not an engineering college. It was a place with some of the most brilliant minds of Kerala, place where some of the more radical ideologies were professed and a place with a lot of “good for nothingers” like me and it was really great. I could just simply go on and on about my college but I will not.

But yes, one thing that we all guys did was become men. Yes, after facing all the Calips (problems) and situations that we have faced, I am now confident that we will do okay in life.
I still have not had an opportunity to go back to college but yes, I am waiting, still waiting to go over there with my mates and enjoy life in CET one more time.
But the good thing is that, the CETians (2005 batch) have spread to all parts of India and the US that I am bound to bump into them sometime or the other.
Till then, it’s sayonara!!!

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