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Kerala: The Che Guevara Effect

February 3, 2008

I am from the state of Kerala, the small strip of land in South India which is otherwise known as God’s own country.Curiously I realized (or gave thought) to the Che Guevara phenomenon in Kerala only when I moved to Mumbai, the city teeming with millions.

I have now spent a better part of 2 years of my life here and not one person I have met; knows about the exploits of the great man. I personally take it for granted that everyone knows about him and read about his views and exploits that I fail to realize that I am in Mumbai and he is an unknown over here. Whenever I speak of him, I get the usual response “CheGu who???” And I am amazed almost every single time. The more I think about this, the more I come to admire the man (now more a legend) for all his deeds. I would gratefully educate my dear friends about this great personality but none seem to care.

Every story has a beginning and for me personally, the story of his journey begins with his trip (the famous Motorcycle diaries). It was a trip across the vast continent of South America, on a bike which forever changed his outlook for life. What he felt or thought is applicable to this day for everyone. It is just that some people listen to that inner voice that urges them on in that direction. Such a moment occurs in everyone’s life, where he/she takes a decision not know if it is for good or for worse.It was that very trip that Ernesto Guevara became CHE GUEVARA!! The myth we all know about. Looking at all the poverty and injustice, he decided that the best way to attack these problems was Head on. Thus CG became a Socialistic Revolutionary.

He was a prominent member on the Cuban revolution and was at the helm of things with Fidel Castro (though he was not a Cuban by birth).Fidel Castro took power and the Socialistic party rules Cuba to this date. Many people might rest on their laurels but not CG. He went ahead searching for greener pastures eventually moving to Congo and finally Bolivia where he met with his demise.The world always admires a revolutionary and especially one who pays dearly with his life for a cause and such was the case of this great man too.People like him, Bhagat Singh etc will live on in people’s minds till posterity coz they paid the highest price for something they believed in.Even a small child will know who CG is, in Kerala. You will find posters, T-Shirts all over the state and I ask myself the same question that others also would.Why does this man have such a fan following in Kerala?
The obvious answer to that would be that Kerala is ruled by the Communists. But I think that it goes deeper than that.People, ordinary people like you and me, still have that X-Factor in us, that feeling which would transcend Nationality and Boundary, that feeling of being a humanitarian, that feeling which is so romanticized, that urge to go ahead one more step to achieve things.At the end of the day, some people do it (like CG, BS etc), but the rest of us, ordinary human mortals (including me) hold on to that feeling or idea which at times helps us retain our sanity in this MAD MAD WORLD !!!!!!!!!

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