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India: Enigma Wrapped in a riddle

February 3, 2008

Winston Churchill once said that Russia is an enigma, wrapped in a riddle, shrouded in a mystery. But I think that, this quote is more apt for India now.I have been around for about 24 years now but I still cannot fathom my nation. It really seems to be inscrutable at times where nothing planned ever occurs.It is a place where anything can happen. It really is a land of contradictions that at times, you are amazed when you read the news.We are one of the friendliest people in the world but we have all the problems that any third world country has (unfortunately).If Hindus are tired of fighting with Muslims and Christians, then we start fighting with each other.On one side, we can see the ultra rich, and just across the road, the ultra poor (which happens in Mumbai a lot!!). We have one of the most atrocious systems of dividing people and even with education, nothing seems to change. It is one thing if the old timers talk about communalism and casteism, but unfortunately the system is so ingrained in us, that even youngsters seem to embrace the same and if this is not enough, and if you still have time left to ponder, you always have the stupid Aryan-Dravidian divide (which has absolutely no relevance nowadays) to talk about.One of every four in the country is below the poverty line but if we dig deeper, the main problem seems to be ignorance and illiteracy. At least people agree on that point which is a big relief.But on the hand, I read and see about things which bring warmth to my heart. At times of hardship, pain (like the Mumbai terrorist attack, tsunami), we see people coming together and help each other.Mahatma Gandhi once said that India is a highly developed country in a high state of decay. He was right, but even after more than 50 years of independence, nothing much has changed. On paper, we have the second biggest economic growth rate, but we are a land of extremes.That is why I say that my nation is inscrutable. I personally cannot predict as to where we are heading, but I sure hope that it is to a bright and happy future.As the saying goes, “Hope is a quintessential human delusion, which can be the source of your greatest strength or your greatest weakness”.What can be done to improve the situation on an individual basis? I would love it if people respond to this and come forth with ideas.

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  1. May 29, 2009 6:00 am

    India is an enigma cause Humanity is . It covers all the wide and varied aspects of Humanity , a rather big microcosm of the World .

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